Collecting Hair I

I'm introducing you to two ways of collecting hair. The first one is a secret of the trade and a way to shed some hair without anyone noticing. I created a short video clip together with my friends that illustrates this easy technique: 


Collecting Hair II

beautifully illustrated by Jan D. Gillich


If you are going for a big change this is a way to easily collect your hair for a memento piece. Place your hair into two separate pigtails, braid each pigtail separately, and then cut the pigtails off just above the top hair tie or elastic. If you decide to  cut your hair short before your chemotherapy or as your hair begins to fall out after you have started your chemo, you can also use this technique. Be careful not to cut too closely to your scalp, as it is generally advised to maintain at least 1cm length of hair on your head when going through chemo. This allows for the hair to fall out more easily, with less pain for you.

Carefully wrap both your braids into tissue paper and place in a box or container for a save travel to my studio. 


Hand your hair over to me- or if you live far away send it to me- and you will receive your very own & personal jewelry piece that reflects your individual story!