From jet-black to chestnut brown, ruby red to platinum blond, from crazy curly to silky sleek, wild and windswept or skillfully braided - hair is a unique and enchanting material that evokes a lot of sentiment. In my designs I honor this one-of-a kind quality and create emotionally charged artifacts full of personal meaning that surpass the decorative intention of jewelry.  

My inspiration is ignited by the sensuous experience of materials - their roughness, their weight or color - as well as details from my daily life - the marble floor of a museum, the colorful reflection on the canal nearby or the brass doorknob at a friend's home. Designing a piece for a client I'm also guided by their individual character and specific wishes thus allowing the artifact to gain depth.

I'm driven by my curiosity and intuition- always looking for crafty techniques to add to my repertoire. My degree in architecture and my passion for art build a steady foundation for my research into manufacturing unique designs.

All of the pieces are carefully handmade in a labour intensive process that can take days or even weeks until they transform into beautiful, tactile objects inviting you to engage with them and learn their individual stories. 


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