1. I'm a chemo patient and I want to be a part of your Tangible Truths Series! What happens next?

Hello! First step is to write me an email to or use the contact sheet above and write "Tangible Truth" in the subject line.  I have a beautiful illustrated guide ready on how you or your hairdresser can cut off your hair. You can find it here. If you haven't read my article on my experience with Mary Beth you can read it following this link

2. Help! I can't make up my mind whether I should donate my hair to make a wig or whether I want a keepsake jewelry piece!  

In this case one does not exclude the other. I only need about 700- 1000 hairs for a bracelet or a simple necklace- which is a fraction of the hair you have on your head. You can still donate the majority of your hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. 

3. I love your project Tangible Truths and I want to donate! Where can I do that? 

Oh yes, please. Go here and click on the "Spread the love and donate here"-button at the bottom of the page. Donations are always welcome and go directly into the production of the pieces for chemo patients. Thank you so much!

4. I'm obsessed with your work and I want a unique piece for myself! How do I proceed?

I'm happy to hear that! If you want a memento piece for yourself or for a loved one, the first action is to contact me via the contact sheet, email or via phone... and if you are old school: I do like to receive letters and postcards. I will guide you through the process of collecting your hair-or if you live in Berlin I gladly collect your hair myself- and sending it to me. We will talk about the design and your budget. For some extensive pieces I ask for a deposit. 

My contact data:

Sybille Paulsen
Bergmannstrasse 68
HH 4.OG, Aufgang IV
10961 Berlin
phone: +49 (0) 30 98338477

5. Do I have to cut off all my hair for you to turn it into an artifact?

The good news: No you don't! For some designs like the Chestnut Copper or a tiny brush pendant  I don't need a lot of your hair. There is a special technique called harvesting that allows me to cut out the amount of hair i need without anyone noticing. I promise! 

There are two ways to collect hair- one radical one and a subtle one. You can look at these illustrated instructions and decide for the one that serves your purpose best. 

Collecting Hair I

Collecting Hair II

6. Can you also use other hair to produce a piece?

Yes! I can work with synthetic hair or horse hair for example. The hair should at least be 11cm long. 

7. Okay, Okay, I love your work and I really want a memento piece of my own but I still have one last question left: How much does it cost? 

Every piece is hand crafted and made on commission only. We agree on a budget beforehand and I stick to it. Necklaces like the Circle of Friends cost around 269 € + shipping. Check out my Store for more information All Depending on the material (metal color) used and complexity of the braid.  

8. How long will I have to wait until I can hold my artifact in my hands? 

I understand you want to hold your piece of jewelry in your hands as soon as possible and I will try my best. The hair braiding is a very labour intensive process thus you might have to wait up to 4 weeks for your piece to arrive. I will let you know how long exactly your waiting time is once you place your order.  A heads up: plan early for christmas and valentines gifts!

9. How do I take care of my jewelry piece? 

This is a good question and I am glad you are concerned with the longevity of your purchase! My pieces are delicate but if handled with care, love and some common sense they will age well and be a good companion to you. So first things first: take the piece off when you go to bed. I know you love it but it is safer for both of you if it sleeps next to you on your bedside table!

Hair is a natural fiber and as with all natural fibers moths LOVE it. So when you store your piece make sure to store it with some moth repellant e.g. lavender, cedar, mothballs, ... . If you discover moths in your home, put the jewelry in your freezer for  2 days and get rid of the moths asap! 

If you drop some gravy on the braided hair at your grandmothers christmas feast try to carefully clean it with some lukewarm water and -if you must- use a very mild detergent or shampoo. 

Keep away from fire, small children, pets, sharp objects and evil spirits. 

And rejoice in it as much as possible!