Mary Beth was the first breast cancer patient who trusted me with her hair. It is very silky and shiny with warm reflections to their brown tone. I wanted to keep the natural wave and decided for a simple fishbone braid to complement it. The exaggerated pale yellow pearls turn it into a strong visual statement but despite its boldness it seems feminine and serene. 

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What Sybille created touched me really deeply. The free flow design of the project meant that my hair had not been transformed simply into a piece of art that was separate from me, the flow of the necklace she created somehow seemed to still hold pieces of me within it. The waves of the hair ... still looked so alive and so full of life. ... Her work touched not only me, but also those close to me here in Berlin who have seen it or seen the pictures. One person close to me even teared up because the necklace still looked like my hair and was a reminder of what it had been. ... I was impressed by what she had produced and very proud to have been a part of her project. ... I love the idea of helping create beauty out of what for many of us is a ugly process: chemotherapy.
— Mary Beth

Das Haar von Mary Beth ist glänzend und seidig mit einem warmen Kupferstich in ihrem Braunton. Ich wollte die natürliche Welle beibehalten und entschied mich für eine einfache Fischgrätenflechtung als Ergänzung. Die übergrossen, pastellgelben Perlen machen aus der Kette ein starkes Statement, dass trotz ihrer Auffälligkeit eine feminine und ruhige Anmutung hat.  

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