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A dainty and elegant necklace completely made of hair held together by brass details. I braided Anna's beautiful red hair over a copper and gold colored thread. 

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Eine feine, elegante Kette, die komplett aus Haar besteht und von Messingdetails zusammen gehalten wird. Anna's schönes rotes Haar wurde von mir um einen kupferfarbenen Faden geflochten. 



 A dreamy necklace for my customer Joanne Hein from San Diego. Joanne send a bunch of charms she designed herself along with her hair. The charms are silver casts from shells she found walking by the sea. Inspired by this maritime theme I braided her hair rope-like and gave the rough charms a polish for some extra shine. I was lucky enough to find a unique necklace on the flea market going along with the braided ropes making it a true objet trouvé. As a special personal touch I made a second braid from her daughters hair holding a shell. She told me later that she found this piece when she was taking a walk with her family. Joanne was an amazing client to work with who gave a lot of personal input thus turning her necklace into a beautiful memento piece reminding her of the connection to her lovely family (no matter where they are in the world) and her connection to the sea. 


Eine verträumte Kette für meine Kundin Joanne aus San Diego. Joanne hat mir mit ihrem Haar ein paar Anhänger mitgeschickt, die ich für das Stück verarbeiten sollte. Die aus Silber selbstgegossenen Elemente sind beides Strandfundstücke, die sie bei ihren Spaziergängen mit ihrer Familie gesammelt hat.  Inspiriert von diesem maritimen Thema habe ich ihr Haar wie ein Tau geflochten und den Anhängern eine kleine Politur verpasst, damit sie mehr reflektieren. Auf dem Trödelmarkt habe ich dann die perfekte Goldkette gefunden, die aus dem Schmuckstück ein wahres Objet trouvé macht. 



Inspired from the architecture style Postmodernism the five hair braids are held together by brass details enclosed in mint green marbled concrete cubes. I added some sand from Hawaii to the mix for the extra sparkle now and then.


Inspiriert von der Postmoderne werden die fünf geflochtenen Stränge der Kette von zwei Messingdetails gehalten, die in mintgrüne, marmorierte  Kuben eingelassen sind. Für ein bisschen Glitzer- Glitzer ist dem Beton etwas schwarzer Sand aus Hawaii beigemischt. 



Romina's hair is soft and healthy. While working with it I kept thinking "milk chocolate" because of its beautiful chocolate brown tone and its smooth silky shine. I used  an old braiding technique for hair jewelry creating square cords which are connected by brass details. The pendant looks playful yet classy. It reminds of an extra long tassel or brush with its free flowing hair juxtaposing the tightly braided cords. When we met for the hand over of her hair Romina and I played with the brushy ends of the braids, commenting on the unique sensation. I knew then that this sentiment had to be a major part of the design. 

For more information about my project with cancer patients click here


Romina’s Haar ist weich und doch robust. Während ich es verarbeitet habe musste ich immer wieder an flüssige Milchschokolade denken, wegen ihres schönen Brauntones und ihrem seidigen Glanz. Ich habe eine alte Haarflechttechnik benutzt um quadratische Kordeln herzustellen, die mit Messingdetails verbunden sind. Der Anhänger ist verspielt und doch klassisch. Er erinnert an eine extra lange Quaste oder einen Pinsel, dessen offene Haare einen Gegensatz zu den streng geflochtenen Kordeln bietet. Als Romina und ich uns für die Übergabe ihrer Haare trafen, spielten wir mit den offenen Enden der geflochtenen Zöpfe. Dieses einmalige Gefühl war etwas, was ich unbedingt in ihre Kette mit einfliessen lassen wollte.

Für mehr Informationen über mein Projekt mit Krebspatientinnen, klicken Sie hier



Mary Beth was the first breast cancer patient who trusted me with her hair. It is very silky and shiny with warm reflections to their brown tone. I wanted to keep the natural wave and decided for a simple fishbone braid to complement it. The exaggerated pale yellow pearls turn it into a strong visual statement but despite its boldness it seems feminine and serene. 

For more information about my project  with cancer patients click here.  

What Sybille created touched me really deeply. The free flow design of the project meant that my hair had not been transformed simply into a piece of art that was separate from me, the flow of the necklace she created somehow seemed to still hold pieces of me within it. The waves of the hair ... still looked so alive and so full of life. ... Her work touched not only me, but also those close to me here in Berlin who have seen it or seen the pictures. One person close to me even teared up because the necklace still looked like my hair and was a reminder of what it had been. ... I was impressed by what she had produced and very proud to have been a part of her project. ... I love the idea of helping create beauty out of what for many of us is a ugly process: chemotherapy.
— Mary Beth

Das Haar von Mary Beth ist glänzend und seidig mit einem warmen Kupferstich in ihrem Braunton. Ich wollte die natürliche Welle beibehalten und entschied mich für eine einfache Fischgrätenflechtung als Ergänzung. Die übergrossen, pastellgelben Perlen machen aus der Kette ein starkes Statement, dass trotz ihrer Auffälligkeit eine feminine und ruhige Anmutung hat.  

Für mehr Informationen über mein Projekt mit Krebspatientinnen, klicken Sie hier



A simple modern snake necklace with copper details and a spiraling braid. It's my favorite everyday piece that can be realized with very little hair thus making it the perfect personalized piece of jewelry for everyone. 

Interested in having your own unique necklace for yourself or your best friend? Find my contact details here or use the contact sheet and get in touch with me! 

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This piece started out as an experiment for combining synthetic hair with gypsum and thus glueing them together forever. It turned out to be a very popular item among friends visiting my studio so the upgrade to a pendant was only a logic conclusion. It lives a happily-ever-after-life now around the beautiful neck of a dear friend of mine. 



A wearable material collage made of synthetic hair, plastic nets and copper wire as a result of the PLASTIC POEMS workshop with Denise Reytan

I adore Denise's work;  the vibrant colors, its playful arrangements- it radiates a lust for life that is highly contagious and speaks directly to the heart. When the opportunity arose to take part in her workshop I didn't have to think twice.  I make no secret of it: this is when I discovered my love for (synthetic) hair as a material. 





Two hybrids of knotted colored thread and braided synthetic hair. I tried to bring order and direction to the hair by allowing the thread to guide it into its position. It's used as a limitation as well as a support and colorful accent. Hair and thread play together, intertwine, connect and separate again. 



A plump blue bun with a brushy core.  A bold statement on the wearers ear. 




The Pirate's Daughter wears an eye patch made of kelp. A sequel of the Kelp Canopy- it's little sister if you like- playfully wraps around the wearers body. 



I find inspiration in the oddest sentiments. The sad ice cream cone necklace brings to mind the last day of summer and the bitter sweet feeling of having the very last ice cream of the season.