TANGIBLE TRUTHS: A necklace made of hair for Gudrun

A Life Full of Holes

 “The walkabouts. The light will stay on” Gudrun replies. The walk-a-what? I have never heard of the band or the song. Have you? For a change, my ignorance about the Walkabouts is not a result of my negligence of hip music trends but rather due to the age difference between Gudrun and I. Gudrun is about 20 years older than I am and listened to the band while traveling the world. In the 90’s. When they were hip.

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How to put your hands, hearts and heads together and collaborate

Missing those creative play dates from your childhood where you and your partner in crime collaborated with ease and created something great by accident? It came so easy back then. But, oh, aimless, playful collaboration where have you gone in my adult days? 

I just recently re-discovered this easiness in creative co-creation and I'm sharing my insights with you in the hope to inspire you to go wild.


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