"Hello, So nice to see you again!"

"YES! It's been a while..."

"What have you been up to lately?" 

"Me? I'm working on a limited edition series called CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and this is the first piece. The hair I'm using is from my friends and yes, each piece comes with a certificate and a short bio about the donors hair."

"You are working with hair? Human hair?"

"Yes, human hair. If you think about it abstractly, it's just a natural fiber like let's say Merino wool which is spun from the hair of a sheep. Did you know that in wool production it's really hard to follow the origin of the fiber to the animal it comes from?"

"No, I never thought about that.... which is weird. When it comes to meat or any other animal product that we eat, we want to know where it grew up and how it was held and so on. But when I put on my wool socks I never wonder where that animal lived that produced the fiber... and how it lived. So your certificate criticizes this circumstance?" 

" Well, it's common to hand out a certificate when you sell an original art work or a piece from a limited edition. So, no, I'm not directly commenting on the circumstance itself. Or Maybe I am? I don't know. To me it feels more like I'm playing with our concept of "agreeable material" and our rising conscious for production and consumption. ... And of course I can assure my clients that I take very good care of my "livestock". I eat with them, talk to them, listen to their concerns... I even do Yoga with some of them. I keep my livestock small to make sure each of them gets the individual love & care they need."