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A simple and timeless loopy necklace to celebrate your friendship with a special person, your sisterhood or the connection to your kids. The two pendants are designed in a round shape with hair intricately woven around its square lines. A pure and beautiful design made with a symbolic fiber you supply, your hair, and a choice of silver (shiny, brushed or oxidized) or brass metal. For a rose gold or a golden option, please contact me here. 

Details for the tech nerds: The venetian box chain necklace has a thickness of 1.1mm and is 700 mm long. The diameter of the hoops is ranging between 40 mm / 50mm, depending on the original hair length. 

PLEASE note that when you order this necklace you must send me your hair to produce it! This is a MADE-TO-ORDER piece and customized with hair you supply. Sounds weird but trust me, this has worked before many times. You are always welcome to contact me if you have questions or need more information. The supplied hair must be at least 25cm long. I only need about 700 strands to produce two circles. Watch my short video on how to collect it here



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My pieces are delicate but if handled with care, love and some common sense they will age well and be a good companion to you. So first things first: take the piece off when you go to bed. I know you love it but it is safer for both of you if it sleeps next to you on your bedside table! Also please take it off before any intense activity as sports and avoid excessive contact with water or sunlight. You know what I mean. 

Hair is a natural fiber and as with all natural fibers moths LOVE it. So when you store your piece make sure to store it with some moth repellant e.g. mothballs, ... . If you discover moths in your home, put the jewelry in your freezer for 2 days and get rid of the moths asap! 

If you drop some gravy on the braided hair at your grandmothers christmas feast try to carefully clean it with some lukewarm water and -if you must- use a very mild detergent or shampoo. 

Keep away from fire, chemicals, acids, cosmetics, small children, pets, sharp objects and evil spirits. 

And rejoice in it as much as possible!